Project Objectives

HUL-CESS Project on Right to Housing

This three-year multidisciplinary, multi-city research cum intervention project aims to forge new legal and policy tools to assist housing rights NGOs in Indian cities by drawing on expertise in three distinct domains: geospatial analytical technologies, urban studies and critical legal studies to document, analyze, interpret and critique the existing structure of legal and procedural enablements (e.g. national, state and municipal legislations, codes, rules and regulations).These tools are expected to build two important gaps in housing rights advocacy:

1) the gap between local experience in different cities and state and national level housing rights strategies

2) the gap between housing rights and allied rights such as rights to work, education, health and clean environment. The project will adopt a collaborative collective frame building inspired by the idea of Right to the City as an approach to knowledge production, education, capacity building, and stakeholder alliances, and to enabling litigation.

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